Jun 092015

kotodamaI had the most beautiful day on Sunday.  In a village hall in Hertfordshire, beautiful energy workers met and spent the day toning and chanting the Reiki Kotodama and other sacred chants.  The space for this gorgeous day was created by Sarah Gregg of Reiki Drum.  I recently took the next step on my Reiki journey with Sarah, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher/Shinpiden. The Kotodama were part of that course and it was an instant kind of love.  I have already incorporated toning into my daily practice, and the kotodama are a powerful addition to that, but they also have begun to play a part in my self healing and are slowly being integrated into my healing work with clients.

Kotodama (spirit of the words) are the sacred sounds used with the traditional Usui Reiki energies.  They are a full body energy experience, you not only bring in the energy as a channel as you would normally during a Reiki session, but you feel the vibration of the word spirit in your body, in your chest, in your throat and head.  When you are fully embodied in your practice, you somehow become more than just a channel for the energy, you become the amplifier, the speaker – an integrated transmission system – and it’s truly awesome.

We spent the day working and playing with the energies, getting to know them, using the sounds in different ways to facilitate huge shifts in ourselves and in each other.  The more I use them, the more I know that I am on the right path with the vocal and sonic element of the healing work that I’m doing.

I have so much love and gratitude in my heart for the teachers who have helped me to put my feet back on this road.  I lost my way there for a while, silenced my voice, and made myself small.  No sound, no waves, no impact.  I get that now.  Thank you, to the wonderful women who are supporting me – my Vixen sisters, My heart-sister and Holistic Goddess, Sarah and Kay, and my doula family.  Thank you to my family, those of blood and of my heart, who continue to love and hold me as this evolution and re-wilding unfolds.


Jun 012015

 I just had the pleasure and privilege of spending a long weekend with some amazing women in one of the most beautiful places I have ever known.  Just coming down the steep sloping path, through the arch guarded by a Green Man – my soul exhales a breath I didn’t know it was holding.  The mundane slips away and I am, once again, in the arms of the Mother.  The powerful and benevolent Spirit of Cae Mabon.

I love my yearly retreat.  I cherish the time I spend with my tribe – women who don’t bat an eye when my heart cracks open and  17 years of pain and shame dissolves in the lake of love that these women pour forth.  They just make the space that allows me to soften and lean into the hurt places so that I can cradle and integrate them into my story.  I healed a deep wound this weekend.  I repaired a relationship with myself that I hadn’t realised was damaged.

I had the chance to be creative, to let my spirit dance a little, sing a little, laugh and cry and be nourished.  I have such gratitude to the guardian of that sacred place – She holds so much so gracefully, allowing us to soften and become, to sink into the embrace of the valley and be in a time out of time.

I come home to that place, and now, in my home, on my sofa, I give thanks that I am here.  I have coffee and my cat, a body adorned with henna and my heart so full of love and joy that I almost don’t feel the aches and niggles born of a 6 hour drive.

Today is a day of rest and reflection.  I am beyond grateful.