Apr 192016

Sketch inspired by illustrations in Caitlin Matthews Celtic Wisdom Tarot

I’m a Healer.  That’s what it says on my business cards.  That’s what everyone calls me.  It’s a catch all for the different modalities I’ve been drawn to over the last 20-some years. But…

I wrestle with that moniker every single day.  See, the thing is, I’m not a Healer.  I don’t heal you, you do.

Your choice to come and see me is where it starts. YOU make the decision to take responsibility for your own wellbeing.  That changes your vibration. That is the beginning of your healing.

Then, together, we decide which healing technique you’d like to engage with – Sound, Reiki, Reiki Drum, Shamanic, Intuitive – and my signature Holistic Alchemy session, where we come up with a special blend of all of them just for you.  The big thing that no-one tells you is that it’s YOU doing the healing, not me. I foster the conditions, the environment, the supportive vibration, the energy – whatever you want to call it, but you do the healing. You do the work, you transmute, you change – I just create the space for you to do it in.

I’ve had some really great results lately – people forgetting to take their regular pain killers because they just don’t hurt all that much any more. People who have chronic pain saying they’ve been able to cope better. Ancestral baggage evaporating in the drying silent tears of sweet agony and loss – transformed by love and a willingness to do the work it takes to heal the big stuff.

This is my work. I want to get down on my hands and knees and be with you whilst you heal the stuff that is weighing you down.  I’m not afraid of the dark.  I’m not precious about getting my hands dirty.  I make space for the light, the love and the truly benevolent energy of the cosmos to fill you up and start to nourish the places in you that are starved for love, blood, endorphins and oxytocin.

And when you leave the sanctuary of the healing space, you leave a little different. Still healing, still doing the work.  YOU. In all of your awesome potential, and in that moment I love you – your courage, your determination.  It’s beautiful and a privilege.

So, I am no healer.  I put my feet on the ground, touch the earth, create sacred space, offer you sanctuary.  And then, in the stillness of my own sanctuary, I go back to trying to find a different word to communicate what it is that I’m doing whilst you’re healing yourself.