Jun 142016


Today I choose to honour my connection to all that is. My place in the Divine dance that is the sacred interconnectedness of all things.


Today I choose to honour my body, to listen to its wisdom, be attentive and sensitive to what it needs.


Today I choose to honour my Sisters and Brothers in service. Those who care for others in their times of pain and distress, those whose hands and hearts hold those making their first and their final transitions.


Today I choose to honour my ancestors, those who came before me. Those who shaped me, who live in my bones and my blood, in my heart.


Today I choose to love, to be kind, honest, respectful, and real. I choose to live wild and soak in the beauty and vastness of this awesome universe.

Today I have the freedom to choose and so today I am grateful.

Jun 072016


Choosing a doula, a Reiki Sensei, a Healer, a Companion can be a slippery business.

It boils down to this:
Are they able to teach me what I need to learn, in the way I need to learn it and are they legally and ethically qualified to do so?

Do I like them? Do their core values align with mine? Are they someone I trust – not just intellectually but physically (aka Do they give me the ick? Does my body say yes or no?) Does their intention feel genuine?

The first, for some, is purely an intellectual exercise. An ‘on paper’ thing that can be settled relatively quickly. The second not so much. Perhaps that takes a face to face meeting, a couple of Skype calls, stalking their Facebook page (kidding ūüėČ ), an email or six. Maybe a good, old fashioned phone call or letter. However you choose to discern who you go into relationship with, make sure you’re happy with that investment on every level. Some people look awesome on paper but when you meet them something just feels off. Or maybe you meet someone who is super charismatic, comes over brilliantly with their elevator pitch but actually is just shining you on a bit until it’s too late to back out. Or perhaps you’re on the fence but they’ve given you a hard deadline and it’s that, more than feeling truly comfortable, that makes your choice for you. Perhaps they are just the most visible – their marketing is top notch and they are working all the angles to hook you in. ¬†So, pause. ¬†Ask your body is this a YES? ¬†If you’re on the fence, I would urge you to do some more research. ¬†Dig a little deeper to find out what’s available. ¬†There are some truly gifted teachers out there, working so hard that they don’t have time to Facebook and blog and such. They might just be the one for you.

I think what I’m trying to say is that, as for me, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I talk straight, have some pretty strong ethical boundaries and get passionate about injustice and dishonesty. I will share what I know in a way that you can understand, and I will keep working with you until we find the sweet-spot in your learning style. I will be gentle, supportive, honest and firm – I will witness you sift through your stuff, hold your hand whilst you pin down what it is that is bugging you, blocking you, dragging you down. I will hold back your hair whilst you puke and hold your bag whilst you dance with your shadows (unless you want to throw down and dance around the bag which I will gladly do too). I will honour your wins and milestones and I’ll do it all with pure love for you and the process of becoming.

If this sounds like I might be your cup of tea, give me shout. I’ll be right here waiting for you with the kettle on <3