Jan 252017

The planet is in crisis.

That is the story told to us by the media every day.  This is what we see played out in our workplaces, our relationships.  We are in crisis.  Things are happening in our lives that are beyond our control.
We become agitated, angry, worried, depressed, anxious, withdrawn, self-abusive.

We panic.

This is a valid and human reaction to our situation and environment.  Then, maybe, we get angry.  We see the injustice and trauma and want to make a difference.  We become passionate about doing something that can make a change – however large or small.  We go all out – we rage, we plan, we become activists for change…

So how are you coping?  Are you coping?  How would it feel to do more than just cope?

I see this in my community every day – in the birth and parenting world and beyond.  I see deeply passionate people becoming increasingly burdened, traumatised and burned out by what they are witnessing.  It breaks my heart wide open.  It makes me want to share with them the strategies I have been using for the past 8 years that have radically boosted my resilience, my ability to process difficult situations and reflect in a compassionate and grounded way.

It makes me want to step up to make my difference.  

It makes me want to answer the call to service that drives me, that lights me up.


How would it feel to make a difference and not be burned out by your passion?  How would it feel to be able to witness the trauma and injustice in your life and process it compassionately? How would it feel to move through your life of activism at ease within yourself?  How would that affect your ability to be effective?

I have a new offering for you all.
I’ve called it Compassionate Self-Management Skills.  I tried not to get into the marketing game of naming this workshop something sensationalising like “Self-Care Survival Skills for Birthworkers” because these techniques are so much more than that. But in these tumultuous times, that is really what these skills are. Being able to manage your needs, feel into your emotions and support your clients is getting harder and more pressurised by the day it can seem.  I want to help you by sharing what I have learned and am living through my work with the Spiritual Companions Trust.

I can help you.  You are not alone.

In this experiential and informative workshop you will learn simple and practical, powerful strategies that enable you to be more present to the care you give to yourself, the families you work with and your community at large. If you’d like to develop a personal daily practise of deep self-care that works in an integrated and holistic way, this workshop is for you.

Self-care has become a buzz-phrase of late. This workshop takes you beyond the surface and deeper into the practice of authentic self-care.

We will discuss –
PHYSICAL: The science of stress and how these strategies work to build resilience from a neuroendocrine perspective.
MENTAL: The benefits of a regular practise on your mental health.
EMOTIONAL: The way in which the strategies work together to enable you to self-manage your emotional balance – both in times of quiet reflection and high emotion.
SPIRITUAL: How these simple strategies can be the gateway to a deeper relationship with yourself, and your experience of the wonder of the universe around you.

We will explore the ways in which these techniques, when embodied and embedded into your daily life, will enhance your wellbeing and enable you care for the families and communities you work with in a more balanced, compassionate and present way.

The investment for this workshop is £90 for the day and includes a vegan soup at lunch time.

Places are limited and a £30 deposit will secure your spot.

Please contact me if you would like to know more.


15th March 2017 – Cambridge – https://www.facebook.com/events/729763983866471/