Mar 132017

wave-1521130_1920You may be wondering why I am going to be talking to a group of Vibrational Essence Practitioners about toning.  You may ask “What’s the point?”

There are lots of reasons, but I’m going to give you three of what I think are the most important ones.

  1. Toning is really good for you.

Aside from the intentional vibration that vocalising creates, the deep, diaphragmatic breathing it encourages is massively beneficial for your general health and well-being.  It lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and improves heart rate variability.

  1. Toning connects you with your body and heightens your intuition.

Whether you work from repertory, intuition, or some combination of the two, 20 minutes of toning before seeing clients or choosing essences for yourself will enhance your connection to your body and help you to listen more deeply to your intuition.  This ‘intuition’ is increasingly thought to be the work of the subtle information relayed to your brain via the Vagus nerve.  The deep, regular breathing helps us to focus in on these subtle sensations and cues.

  1. Toning is fun!

There are no set rules, so there is nothing to get wrong.  You can do it anywhere.  It’s free. You don’t need any special equipment.  All you need is yourself and the intention to sit and do it.  You can tone alone, but I find it is especially fun and satisfying to tone with a group.  There is something special that happens when toning in a group.  You all start off toning very differently, then as your intention and will align, beautiful harmonies begin to develop.  The vibrations become deeply complementary, and as a group you create a deeply healing and often emotionally moving soundscape, that is of the moment, appreciated and then let go, set free to become a part of the vibrational fabric of the universe.

It’s beautiful and fleeting, but often absolutely perfect for the people involved.


At the 2017 BFVEA Gathering, I will be taking attendees through simple exercises to build their confidence in their ability to tone, and sharing my enthusiasm for the practice of daily sounding.  There will be a combination of meditation, toning and physical exercises that will help to strengthen and support fledgling and established practices.

Registration for this event is now closed but if you’d like to discover more about creating a personal sounding practice, or have any questions please do ask.