About Me



Welcome to Nurtured Journey’s home on the web. I’m Jo and Nurtured Journey is my heart’s work. I bring compassion, unconditional support and holistic care to my clients through presence, energy management techniques, healing and complementary therapies. I can nurture you as you journey through life, supporting you as you savour each moment, recognise and honour special events and milestones and live each day with peace and purpose.


I live in South Cambridge with a computer geek.  I am deeply committed to caring for nurturers, healers and carers as they walk their path – supporting them into a daily practice that nourishes and energises them so that they can keep serving with passion and joy.

I’m a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Companion, Intuitive Healer, Doula, Flower and Vibrational Essence practitioner, Babywearing Peer Supporter and trainee ABM Mother Supporter.

I try live an authentic and wholehearted life and am committed to inviting joy and gratitude into each day. Part of this is giving of myself to those who need me, supporting them as they walk their path, and honouring my teachers and those who guide me as I care for others.

I am constantly surprised and completely grateful to have understanding and awesome friends who believe in me and remind me that it’s ok for me to be myself.

I’m always working hard to learn and grow and I will try to keep my Training and Personal Development page up to date.