Be My Doula


I love to nurture and support families to a birth and postnatal experience that they feel comfortable and at peace with. I believe that giving birth is a natural and sacred process and that a person’s experiences and feelings are completely unique.

Birth Doula:

  • A no obligation, complimentary meeting for us to get to know each other and to help you decide if you would like me to be your doula.
  • Ante-natal visits to discuss your current thoughts, plans and wishes for your birth and early parenting, any concerns you may have and how I can best support you during this time and for your labour and birth.
  • Support, if you wish, to make a list of birth preferences and newborn care requests, helping you to clarify and explore the options as well as signposting you to more specialist information.
  • Phone, text and e-mail support to answer any questions you might have as well as support during your pregnancy, early labour, and for up to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.
  • 24- hour on-call availability from 38 weeks of your pregnancy – or sooner if you go into labour!
  • I will be with you and your family, giving emotional and practical support throughout your labour and birth, unless you ask me to leave or in a situation beyond my control (such as an emergency c-section). If possible (barring any emergency situations or quick births) I’d like to be with you from home and accompany you to hospital or birthing centre or stay with you for a home birth.
  • I can advocate for you, with your consent, to ensure your wishes and birth preferences are being respected.
  • I will stay with you after the birth and do my best to safeguard your privacy in the important first hours after your baby is born and to support you in those precious first moments.
  • One postnatal visit, to celebrate the birth of your baby, hear your birth stories and offer some initial support as you begin this new phase of your life journey.
    Birth Companion – from £950
    Retaining fee £ 250 payable when you sign your contract with me. The remainder of the full fee should be payable by, or at 38 weeks into the pregnancy or at the postnatal visit by arrangement.

Postnatal Doula :

  • Complimentary consultation, unless I’ve been your birth doula as we’ll know each other pretty well by then!
  • Phone, text and email support for as long as I’m your post-natal doula within my agreed availability.
  • Infant feeding support however you choose to feed your baby.
  • Any practical support you need at the time – walking the baby around while you sleep, making a meal, putting the washer on, changing nappies, walking the dog, going to drop-ins and clinics, bringing cake…
    Postnatal Companion – £18 per hour
    The first 5 hours are payable in advance to secure your booking.  Further hours are payable up to 2 weeks in arrears.

Travel costs: 30p per mile over 10 miles OR 2 taxi fares to, and from, the birth.


All of my fees are negotiable and will respect your circumstances. Please don’t let financial hardship stop you getting in touch. I am open to reducing or spreading payments and bartering for services.

If, when our time comes to part ways, you think I was worth more than my fee, you are very welcome to give me a little extra. This could be simply to show your appreciation, or maybe you would like other families less fortunate than yours to benefit from my support – whatever the reason, your gift will be received gratefully and with love, to be used to help those in need.

Doula UK has gift vouchers available, allowing friends and family to contribute to your doula support.

In cases of extreme financial difficulty I may be able to organise support from the Doula UK Access Fund – a doula for every family.