Doula – pronounced doo-la – is a Greek word meaning “female servant” or “caregiver”. This word has been adopted to describe someone who offers non-judgemental, emotional, and practical support to a family, during and after childbirth. They are the gentle guardians of the birthspace and a consistent presence throughout the childbearing journey.


What I do

I nurture people to enable a birth and postnatal experience that they feel comfortable and at peace with. I believe that giving birth is a sacred process for anyone and that their experiences and feelings are completely unique. I’d like you to think of me as a friendly guide listening to your concerns, pointing you to the most relevant and reliable information I can and helping you to discover what works for you to give you a positive and power-filled outlook as you begin your birth journey. It is not my place to tell you how to feel or how to care for your baby, but to support you in your choices and advocate for you if you would like.

On your baby’s birth day I am there as a source of encouragement and practical support and also a strong, clear presence – holding the safety of your space as you birth your baby. My goal is for you to have as gentle and safe a birth as is possible, regardless of method or venue. I’ll help you to settle into parenthood in the early days and if you would like I can provide continuing companionship and support throughout your post-natal journey.

My Doula Philosophy
I believe that everyone has a right to birth their baby in the way they choose. I provide grounded, practical support and information whilst comforting, nurturing and empowering you and your family.

What I don’t do

I am not a medical professional and I’m not a clinician or midwife. I will not undertake any physical examinations, clinical tasks or give medical advice. I can not make decisions for you and will only speak on your behalf during the birth of your baby if this has been specifically stated in your birth preferences and approved by your medical caregivers. I am not in the employ of the hospital and work only for you and your family.

Do I need one?

That all depends on how you feel, what your situation is and what your practical needs are. You certainly don’t have to have one. Research has shown that having a doula has a positive effect how on mothers feel about their overall birth experience and consistently reduces the length of labour, rate of caesarean, requests for pain relief, Syntocinon use and forceps deliveries.

How do I find a doula?

I am a Mentored Birth and Recognised Postnatal Doula working within the family of Doula UK. I would love to help you to have the pregnancy and birth experience that is right for you and journey with you as you walk the path of parenthood. For more information about my role as your doula or if you would like to ask me about meeting up for a chat about being your birth companion please do get in touch.

Doula UK is a great resource and holds a list of all of the Doula UK mentored and recognised doulas in the UK. You can use their search facility to generate a list of all of the registered doulas in your area. Every person, family and situation is different and not every doula will be a perfect fit for everyone. Once you have generated a list of doulas, don’t be worried about meeting a few of them before you make your choice. Whoever you choose will be with you during one of the most special times in your life and it is important that you feel at ease.