Nov 162014

The idea for a talisman necklace is one that I’ve been pondering over for a long time.  How do I pack in all the symbols and magic that I want to into something that ultimately has to be worn around your neck?  It can’t weigh a ton or be overly clunky otherwise it just won’t work.  This is what I came up with.

couragecloseThis talisman’s story begins with a circle of Courage – an unbreakable and infinite symbol of hope and strength and a reminder that we have this inner reservoir of courage and with it the hope that if we don’t give up things will get better.  The circle is wrapped with red linen and in it’s centre sways a heart with a rose quartz crystal and a spiral.  These symbols combined for me represent what is at the heart of courage – a passion and unconditional love that keeps us going when times are hard, and give us the strength to keep showing up, to reach the centre of a spiral path and make our way out again. We may be changed, but we are still here, stepping up to do what is needed.

The first thing on the ring is a charm bottle.  I haven’t sealed the cork, so if you have herbs that you’d like to put in, or just take the lid of to enjoy the fragrance, you can.  Inside the bottle is salt, for protection and purification, white sage to banish negativity and clear your energy field of nasties that might be hanging around.  Next in the bottle are rose petals – again a symbol of unconditional love, traditionally used in love magic.  I added it with the intent that it would strengthen your love of yourself. This for me means paying good attention to yourself and your body.  What do you need today?  Is it a duvet day?  Do you need to dance, or sing or have a good shout?  Whatever it is, have the courage to do it, spend some time with yourself and see what your heart is saying to you, then do that.  The final addition to this bottle is the burning red of hibiscus flower – often used in magic for promoting love, I think of it more as a prompt to follow your passions, ignite your divine spark and do what lights you up and makes you shine.  The bottle is joined by another rose quartz crystal to amplify the energy of love and holding, and a smokey quartz for protection from negative energy and to allow you to recover quickly from situations that might dull that shine.

Next to your charm bottle is a little pewter goddess, reminding you that you are an expression of divine love. Worthy of respect and in your power.  She’s joined by a two tourmaline crystals.  The pale pink is closely associated with the heart, and the feminine side of our nature – strengthening and soothing at the same time.  The darker red tourmaline is said to resonate with both the Heart Chakra and the Root Chakra, promoting an increased flow of  life-force energy to nurture and heal the emotional body. It also has a grounding influence which can encourage a zest for living and lively interaction with others. It can help revitalize passion and joy in sexuality, and can help you listen more carefully to your heart’s voice when making decisions.  I paired these with the goddess charm to anchor the intent that you are held in a field of divine benevolence and love, regardless of your spiritual path.

The wing charm is paired with two rose quartz nuggets, symbolising the just how loved you are. It is that love that holds you close, keeps you steady, feeds your soul and helps you fly – combine that with courage and the possibilities are boundless. You are a unique soul, loved and set free to fly with joy and peace in your heart.

On a last note, you might also notice that this ring is perfectly balanced, and will lie flat and straight by your heart, a secret reminder, just for you, that there must be balance in your life.  The dark times are as valuable as the light, the rest as important as the doing, the joy and the pain, the love and the loss.  They are all our teachers as the universe looks on with nothing but love for you.  You are precious. Remember.

Jo Gough

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