Nov 172014

joyThis talisman’s story begins with a double sided ‘Love’ charm.  This is fairly self explanatory in terms of meaning, but when combined with the two turquoise beads it takes on a different significance.  Turquoise is a highly spiritual stone.  The flat turquoise stone gives way to a sphere.  This makes me think of the journey the human race has taken, from believing in only what they could see – the earth is flat, to what they now know – the earth is a sphere.  I find this symbolic of the journey we take as our spiritual consciousness expands and we begin to question that which we believe as we evolve and grow spiritually.  The love charm helps us to remember that we are held in love whilst we quest – never alone or without grace.

The next one along is the glass bottle.  As usual, I haven’t sealed the cork, so if you have herbs that you’d like to put in, or just take the lid of to enjoy the fragrance, you can.  I’m also happy to glue the cork infor you if you are worried about the contents escaping.  Inside the bottle is salt, for protection and purification, white sage to banish negativity and clear your energy field of nasties that might be hanging around. Next is patchouli root, deeply connected to Gaia and the Earth Mother, this herb reminds you that you are loved by the Earth, wholly and completely. There are two resins in this bottle – the first is copal, sometimes called young amber, a gift from nature that helps us to recharge our spiritual batteries and maintain a youthfulness and joy to our outlook as we journey.  The second resin is colophony, a powerful purifier, an ideal partner to sage and will help to keep your energetic space clear.  Finally, your bottle is topped off with mugwort.  In the training I did it was considered a powerful magical amplifier, but it is also said to enhance dreamwork and revive travellers on long journeys – perfect for this talisman.

Next along is a ‘Find joy in the journey’ silvertone charm, suspended on grey waxed linen and topped with aquamarine chips. Aquamarine has long been thought of as a travellers talisman with the ability to calm stormy seas and bring peace to the bearer. To me this symbolises not just physical but spiritual journeys too, aiding deeper softening into mediation and journeying practices to gain more profound insight that has been achieved previously.

Next is the ladybug charm, married with garnet for safe travels, smokey quartz for protection and haematite for grounding.  Ladybug is a powerful teacher, helping us with invoking and embodying spiritual insights whilst helping us to remain spiritually grounded.

The final charm is a feather with a heart, a green tourmaline, a malachite, and a turquoise dangle.  For me the feather symbolises treading lightly on the earth, doing as little damage as possible and healing if appropriate.  The green tourmaline is powerfully connected to both the earth and the heart – strengthening your connection with the earth and allowing you to tune in more easily to the vibration of her hearbeat, and in doing so, always being able to find your way home, however far you journey.  The malachite is a strongly protective stone and has been said to assure travellers a safe passage to their destination. Being green, it resonates with the heart and so helps to protect you emotionally.  Finally the turquoise, a stone of spiritual connection and journeying.  Together these stones bring the gift of protection and connection as you journey through your life, and a feeling of safety in the knowledge that you can always find your physical and emotional way home.  I would encourage you to go outside, put your bare feet on the earth and breathe, right through your feet and up to the sky, connect yourself with all that is and bathe in the feeling of deep love that the earth has for you.

On a last note, you might also notice that this pin is perfectly balanced, a secret reminder, just for you, that there must be balance in your life.  The dark times are as valuable as the light, the rest as important as the doing, the joy and the pain, the love and the loss.  They are all our teachers as the universe looks on with nothing but love for you.  You are precious. Remember.

Jo Gough

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