Nov 152014

Earth mother fullThis talisman’s story begins with a wooden thorn bead – this is to remind you that you are not a pushover – a rose is beautiful and is capable of bring great joy, but is not defenceless.  You have boundaries and they should be honoured and respected, because you are worthy.    Joining this thorn is a faceted Czech glass bead – a beautiful leaf green, a reminder that you are a child of nature, you belong and you are loved, in all of your many faces, talents and moods.

The next one along is the glass bottle.  I haven’t sealed the cork, so if you have herbs that you’d like to put in, or just take the lid of to enjoy the fragrance, you can.  Inside the bottle is salt, for protection and purification, white sage to banish negativity and clear your energy field of nasties that might be hanging around.  Next is patchouli root, deeply connected to Gaia and the Earth Mother, this herb reminds you that you are loved by the Earth, wholly and completely.  Sandalwood is next, a herbal expression of divine love.  Finally, a single piece of Frankincense resin is a strongly protective component, often burned to purify and consecrate sacred space.  Sharing this spot with the charm bottle is a small malachite sphere – a powerful magical and energetic amplifier to boost the energies of those in the bottle and also the overall harmonising effect of the talisman.

Next to your charm bottle is a little copper goddess, reminding you that you are an expression of divine love. Worthy of respect and in your power.  She’s joined by a prehnite crystal, said to help you deepen your trust in the universe and bring you into harmony with nature.  It may also help you focus and gain clarity during meditation and can calm the space around you.  I paired this with the goddess charm to bind the idea that you are being held and supported by Mother earth into the talisman with the intent that it resonates into your space as you use it.

The leaf is a hand finished glass bead and symbolises nature in it’s most productive phase, energetic, fulfilling it’s needs and those of it’s tree, with efficiency and balance – always making sure that it has what it needs before it passes what it has over to the rest of the tree so that it too can thrive.  A gentle reminder that you have to fill yourself before you can fill the cup of others, a nudge to prompt you to a regular self-care practice.  To this end there is also a triple loop, symbolising the need for a balance of focus on the mind, body and spirit for the achievement of optimum health and wellbeing.

Earth mother closeFinally there is a copper feather, for me this symbolises treading lightly on the earth, doing as little damage as possible and healing if appropriate.  There is also an amber nugget, a reminder that the earth is a living, breathing entity – this is the blood of her trees, still alive and active.  Amber cares for and soothes the energy system, bringing peace, balance and healing.

On a last note, you might also notice that this pin is perfectly balanced, a secret reminder, just for you, that there must be balance in your life.  The dark times are as valuable as the light, the rest as important as the doing, the joy and the pain, the love and the loss.  They are all our teachers as the universe looks on with nothing but love for you.  You are precious. Remember.

Jo Gough

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