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For a long time now, I’ve had an idea in my head.  A way to pull together all of the creative things I do with the spirituality that I live.  I have been pondering, mulling and cogitating – honestly seriously procrastinating – about making this idea a reality.  It was mostly due to all the old demons.  My inner critic telling me that no one would buy them, I’d be wasting my time, what’s the point?

Then I went on retreat.  I met 15 fantastic women, truly awesome in their willingness to share, grow and love with open hearts and gorgeous hugs.  They kicked my inner-critic’s arse.  Well and truly stomped on it.  I was raring to go.  Then I left Somerset and my Vixen Sisters and the critics began to pull themselves together again.  By the time I got home and recovered from the trip, I’d gone back into ‘Arrrghhh, what if?!’ mode.

I sat with that for a while, then asked my lovely fiancé if he fancied investing in my new venture.  He said yes, and so I sallied forth, buying the minimum I would need to get going.

This morning the last of the new ingredients arrived and I made this:


Into this:


My intent during the making of this piece was that it bring to it’s bearer the attributes that it symbolises, and I’ve written a little bit about why I think things like this are important in our lives.  You can buy these – either from stock or have one custom made for you – either from Etsy or direct from me using the contact form.

It’s a crazy, busy world we live in and it’s easy to forget the magic in our everyday lives. By making and offering these talismans, these wearable altars, I hope that I can bring a little of the wonder back. Encourage and remind you to take a moment of connection in an otherwise hectic day.

Each talisman has it’s own story to tell and it’s symbols will perhaps mean different things to you than they do to me – that’s ok, as long as it means something to you the magic will happen.

This talisman’s story begins with a heart and a snowflake – this is to remind you that you are unique, your heart and soul are the only ones like it on the planet. That’s an awesome thought, no? There is only one of you and you matter. Your story matters and you are loved.

Joining the party on this first charm is Blue Lace Agate – a beautiful, calming stone that connects with the throat chakra and helps you to express yourself, as well as bringing a feeling of peace.

The next one along is the glass bottle. I haven’t sealed the cork, so if you have herbs that you’d like to put in, or just take the lid of to enjoy the fragrance, you can. Inside the bottle is salt, for protection and purification, white sage to banish negativity and clear your energy field of nasties that might be hanging around. Next is lavender, soothing, calming and also protective – are you sensing a theme yet? Finally there is white willow bark, for magic, strengthening your connection to your intuition and supports creativity.

Next to your charm bottle is a Believe charm with it’s own carved Fluorite crystal. Fluorite is a lovely crystal that helps to integrate higher vibrations and spiritual energies down into the body. I paired this with the Believe charm to bind the idea of self belief into the talisman with the intent that it resonates into your space as you use it.

The wing charm is paired with a Haematite and Sodalite sphere connected by a blue copper coil. For me, this symbolises our ability to fly high and dream big, whilst remaining anchored to the earth, staying grounded in Her energy and knowing that you are safe in her arms whilst you follow your heart and achieve your goals.

Finally the fox charm is a reminder to be discerning and to follow your instincts. In animal wisdom, the fox is associated with agility, cunning and practical wisdom – let the fox remind you that everything you need is inside you. Also, this fox is curled up and sleeping. Let her prompt you to take time for yourself, to rest, to retreat and relax so that you can be your best self when you need to be.

On a last note, you might also notice that this pin is perfectly balanced, a secret reminder, just for you, that there must be balance in your life. The dark times are as valuable as the light, the rest as important as the doing, the joy and the pain, the love and the loss. They are all our teachers as the universe looks on with nothing but love for you. You are precious. Remember.

So there it is.  Hopefully the first of many magical, beautiful and useful objects that can help you being a moment of pause and connection into your days, made with love and pure intent.

SO MUCH GRATITIUDE to the Redfox Retreat creators – Sas Petherick, Susannah Conway and Meghan Genge – I cannot thank you enough I do not have the words.  Baby steps toward my Muchness.  I have such deep love for you all and the women you brought together to circle.



Jo Gough

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  1. These are truly beautiful and so meaningful. Wishing you every success. Jo xx

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