Flower and Vibrational Essences


DSC00290smallFor centuries humans have been using flowers in everyday life – as gifts, to communicate our love, joy, sympathy or gratitude, to cheer ourselves up, or simply to perfume a room. In this way, flowers can become a conscious and subconscious influence on our emotions. Similarly, environments, animals and crystals can have an effect on our emotional and more subtle energy bodies.

How can they help?

Although the changes can sometimes be dramatic, especially if we are looking for them, most essences work in a gentle, subtle and supportive way and can be used in first aid, long term healing situations and in our daily routines to support us as we live our lives.

What are Flower and Vibrational Essences?

Essences capture the energy of a place, object or living thing, allowing us to experience that energy and its effects at any time and anywhere. An essence is the energetic (vibrational) imprint held in water and preserved in alcohol. The most well known of these are the Bach Flower Essences, but there are many other families of essences, including Alaskan Essences and Wild Earth Animal Essences (these are shamanically channelled and contain no animal parts).

What do Essences do?

Essences are able to gently influence the subtle energy systems in our bodies, effecting changes in our physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological states.

It is thought that our bodies, like everything else in the universe, are made up of waves of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When applied topically or taken internally the vibrationally imprinted water (essence) is able to gently affect the subtle energy systems of the body, possibly by bringing our vibration into alignment with the vibrational pattern held in the water. This is thought to be possible because of the high water content of the human body. The pattern of vibration in the essence is transferred and perpetuated throughout the body’s energy systems via the imprinted water, bringing about a subtle but definite change within the person taking the essence. This vibrational change can often manifest within the aura, chakras or meridians or as changes in emotional, physical, spiritual or psychological states.