Home Blessings and Space Clearing


Your home is a sacred space.  It holds and shelters you – it makes you feel safe.

When you are moving into a new house, you may feel like you want to offer your thanks for the shelter it is providing for you, for the home it will become.  Home blessings are a beautiful way to honour your relationship with your new space – your pledge to care for it as it cares for you.

There are times though when a new space doesn’t feel quite as welcoming as you hoped.  There may be any number of reasons for this, from the most mundane to the heartbreaking or tragic.  At these times it can be beneficial to have the space cleared, the old energy shifted and the pattern shifted to neutral.

I am able to offer both of these services to you, either separately or as a combination.  Each home is assessed on a case by case basis, your needs and wishes will  be respected and incorporated into the package and you can be as involved as you like in the process.

Please contact me for more details.