Dec 132013

7circuitlabyrinthblueThe Oxford English Dictionary defines an analogy as:
A comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

I was sitting with a lovely client earlier today, wrestling – as I usually am – with the right words to try to classify and clarify what it is that I do in a Journey Companionship session. Whilst sitting in the quiet for a few moments, it occured to me that I’m akin to a tour guide. My lovely client thought that this was a good analogy and suggested that I blog it – so here it is.

A tour guide is there to gently point you in the right direction. It’s your journey, your adventure, your discovery of places yet unseen, they aren’t walking it for you, but they might point out interesting landmarks and draw your attention to things that you otherwise might have overlooked.

As a Journey Companion I witness your journey, I walk it with you. I might draw your attention to milestones, fleeting thoughts that might bubble up from a deeper place, and honour the big moments that might change the course of your journey altogether. As an added bonus I can offer you holistic therapy support and signpost you to places and people who may also be able to help you to enhance your journey.

Every person is different with a unique path to walk and so every session is different. Each one grows organically around your needs. We make no plans, there are few rules, there is no pre-defined route. If you have avenues that you wish to wander, I will wander them with you, we’ll take in your journey together and it is my privilege, joy and honour to do so.

Although making a face to face connection is important and valuable, so is having your journey witnessed. With this in mind I offer Skype sessions if you can’t get to me in person, and am always happy to be flexible and creative when it comes to supporting you on your journey.

Jo Gough

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