Journey Companion


7circuitlabyrinthblueI can walk with you. I can listen. I will hold your hand and make you tea. I can be there to support you to come to a place of understanding, to treasure your journey, and to encourage you to seek further help and advice if you need to. I can support you using complementary therapies and provide a safe and confidential space for you to speak your truth without fear of prejudice or judgement.

There is an article here that explains things a bit more.

What will happen in a session?

All of the above. Your first session will usually be around 90 minutes and will consist of us getting to know each other a little before we start working together. I’ll ask you to fill in some paperwork and a little questionnaire that will help me to understand where you’re at and what you think you would like from me, as this is different for everyone. Then we go with the flow. Over the course of this first session we’ll decide together if you would like complementary therapy support in your journey. If I think you would benefit from a therapy I don’t provide myself I will point you to practitioners in the local area who can help, and you can contact them directly. We might make a plan for you to work toward, talk about other resources you might find beneficial, and decide roughly the intervals at which you’d like to see me again.

A bit about me

I’ve been walking an holistic path for over a decade, beginning with working with crystal and nature energy in my mid teens, becoming attuned to Reiki in 2006, studying with William Bloom since 2009 and beginning studies for a Diploma in Flower Essence Studies in 2010.

I believe that life is a journey. On my journey there have been paths I’ve chosen to take, or not, and at one time I was very controlling of that journey. I wouldn’t even step foot on a path that I wasn’t 100% sure I could walk down easily, and I certainly wouldn’t walk where I couldn’t see the end of the road clearly before I took my first step. I’ve learned a great deal since then because of that way of living – I’ve learned that it doesn’t work for me. I’ve learned that I can’t control everything. I’m learning to truly take life as it comes and to trust myself, my intuition and my heart’s voice. I’m stepping into the mist, following where my heart leads me and I feel happier and more heart-focussed than I’ve ever been. Don’t get me wrong, this way of living is not easy for a reforming control freak like me, but I’m listening to my heart, honouring my divine spark and doing the best that I can.

Important to Note

I don’t have a formal qualification in counselling nor am I a qualified medical professional. I do have over 20 years experience of self reflection and personal development and have been supporting clients through my Reiki practice since 2007. I believe that journey companionship is an extension of this work and I am always learning and adding new skills to my toolkit.

Journey Companionship – £50 initial session – by individual agreement thereafter
The initial fee covers our first 90 minute session. After that session, fees are tailored to your individual circumstances and will never be beyond your means.