Milestone Celebrations


Celebrate and honour special life events with Nurtured JourneyIMG_20140816_192811

As part of my personal spiritual practice I have been creating and carrying out ceremony and ritual for over a decade.  I find it a special and valuable time.  It allows me to stop and set aside some time for myself and my connection to the wonder of all that is.  It gives me an opportunity to focus my energy on healing, raising energy for a friend in need or honouring the sacred energies that I work with.  I share a little of this sacred space with clients when we work together in Companionship or Reiki sessions.

Now you can call on my skills in creating and leading simple and meaningful ceremonies for life milestones.  I am able to create bespoke ceremonies – listening to you and shaping the ceremony to fit you perfectly.  I can help you to write invitations, gather supplies and set up your space appropriately.  I can then lead the ceremony we’ve co-created, or I can simply attend as a reassuring and holding presence as you step into your power and lead the rite yourself.

Mother Blessings
Naming Ceremonies
Menarche Celebrations
Honouring the Croning

If this is something that you think you would like to do, please get in touch for more information – Prices start from £65 – I am always willing to discuss payment plans, barters or skills swaps.