Reiki Drum Healing


11350558_10153339008377726_3278157674753491836_nDrumming for healing and meditation is a traditional practice in many tribal cultures and the power that sound has over the body and spirit is undeniable. In the western world there is an ever increasing body of research evidencing this – making the ancestral practice of drumming more accessible to our modern Western culture.

Current research is showing that brain activity is affected by drumming.  It is able to take our brains quickly into a state of conscious but deep relaxation that can help us to integrate and release the causes of illness and emotional trauma. Group drumming has been shown to help with improving the immune system, helping Alzheimer’s patients, rebuilding self esteem, and supporting addicts in recovery. These studies are supporting what has been known by shamanic practitioners for many generations – drumming is medicine.

Reiki Drum practitioners use the drum to channel Reiki into the client’s body, shifting blockages and re-balancing the energy field. The energy of the drum, sometimes thought of as loud and the opposite of relaxing becomes gentle, protective and works for the highest good of the client just as in a normal Reiki treatment.  I’ve had people tell me that they started the session thinking that they wouldn’t be able to relax, but have been surprised to find how easy it was to find a stillness in the rhythm.

The Reiki Drum Technique is a fusion of Reiki and shamanic medicine drumming. Pioneered in the United States by Michael Arthur Baird, Reiki Drumming is still very new to the UK. My teacher, Sarah Gregg is the founder of Reiki Drum here in the UK.


The Reiki Drum Healing can be broken down into three main types of session:
Basic Drum healing – I use the drum intuitively over the body to deliver a deep healing treatment, followed by a normal, hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work we’ve done in the drumming and ground your energy.
Mental/emotional reprogramming – I use the intuitive drum treatment in tandem with powerful positive affirmations to support your growth.  Affirmations are created in conversation with you before the treatment begins, then the drum is used to focus the intention of the mantra, literally drumming in the new pattern of thinking and being.
Reiki Drum journey – I use the drum to guide you into a deep meditative state where you can receive insight, spiritual guidance and healing.

Reiki Drum sessions with me can last 90 minutes, but can be adjusted depending on your needs and time constraints. A 90 minute session is usually £40, but I am willing to discuss this on a case by case basis and will accept barters.

If you would like to come for a session of Reiki Drum Healing, please do get in touch.