What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing system originating in Japan. It is completely non-denominational and is not connected to any faith or religion. Practitioners are ‘attuned’ individuals who channel Reiki energy and direct it toward their client. This energy can be known as ‘ki’. Ki exists all around us and is part of all living things. I believe that the proper flow and balance of this energy is essential to our health and well being and it is when this flow is interrupted, misdirected or depleted that illness and a feeling of dis-ease can result. When a practitioner channels Reiki energy, they work with it to harmonise the energy flow within the body of their client, encouraging the body to heal itself naturally on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

What are the benefits of a Reiki Session?

Reiki can:
– Relieve stress and promote a relaxed state of body and mind
– Reduce tension and negative energies
– Aid meditation, positive thinking and assist us in reconnecting with our inner self
– Help us to nurture compassion, both for ourselves and others
– Create balance, harmony and a clear way of thinking
– Support the natural healing process
– Ease the pain and discomfort of chronic illness

The most important thing to remember is that Reiki can work on everything around us; humans, animals, plants and even machines. It can complement other healing systems and become a partner with the use of prescription drugs and other medical care. There are many uses for Reiki in everyday life and I would be happy to talk with you about enriching your life with Reiki energy.

What will happen?

When you contact me for a Reiki session, I will ask you a few questions to ascertain whether you are a suitable candidate for Reiki. Don’t worry, this is usually everyone but there are certain factors which may prohibit a Reiki treatment at a particular point in your life.

Once your suitability for receiving Reiki has been confirmed I will organise a time with you and take some contact details. When you arrive for your session I will ask you to either sit in a chair or lie on a treatment bed, whichever you find more comfortable. You will remain fully clothed during the session, although I may ask you to loosen any tight fitting garments or jewellery. Then just relax. Reiki can be given using either the hands-on, or hands-off method and again the choice is yours as to which you find more comfortable.

Everyone experiences Reiki slightly differently, but there are rarely any negative reports. Some of the more common sensations include tingling, warmth, coolness, vibration or pulsing. Some people also ‘see’ colours, shapes or images, and ‘hear’ music whilst being treated with Reiki. Almost everyone says that they feel much more relaxed and many people fall asleep during a session, which is fine! People who have received Reiki often report that they sleep better at night following a healing session.

A standard session with me can last 90 minutes, but can be adjusted depending on your needs and time constraints. A 90 minute session is £50.

After your session

I am also available after your healing session if you need to talk through your experiences. Reiki heals the whole self and as such can make subtle or dramatic changes to your daily life. The Reiki energy works with you and your body for the highest good, which is not always easy, but is vastly rewarding in the long term. Reiki often breaks down emotional and spiritual blockages that have been built over time and you may find that your emotions are heightened or feel unbalanced in the days following your session. Please don’t worry as this is perfectly normal, but can be unnerving – I’m available if you wish to talk to me, and be assured that anything you tell me will be kept in confidence.

Distance Healing

I am able to send Reiki to you wherever  you are in the world and at a time that suits you.  If you would like a healing session or would like to be added to my daily healing box, please get in touch.

Reiki Training

I currently offer Shoden (Reiki I) and Okuden (Reiki II) level training, which can be used to enhance your personal healing process.  Please contact me for course details.


Please remember that Reiki is not a substitute for any medical advice and treatment. If you or an animal friend are unwell, please see your GP or vet as soon as you can. Reiki practitioners are not trained in diagnosis. If you are concerned about any symptoms you should see your Doctor or Vet.

I have both a Japanese and Western Reiki Lineage and am happy to share the details on request.