Intuitive Sound Healing


2006-01-14_Surface_wavesThere is nothing like the experience of deep relaxation and healing of a sound bath.  The first one I had totally blew me away.  I felt emptied – not empty in a negative way, not at all, just clear, free and totally me.  It also put my feet firmly on the path they are now on in terms of my personal healing journey and the healing I offer to others.

I learned that my voice, quiet and tame for so many years, can be used to heal.  I learned that the hard work of the years singing for others in the entertainment industry had gifted me with the practices I need to keep my voice healthy and strong.  I learned that the natural knack I had for harmony and pitch would be invaluable in learning and sharing those healing sounds, but would also enable me to support gatherings where singing and chanting were itching to spill forth from our bones if only someone would sing first.  With the support and guidance of some wonderful teachers, I can now say with confidence “That’s Me.”

Now I use my voice to heal myself in a daily toning practice, and to heal others as part of the intuitive healing sessions that I offer, as well as in group sound baths if the energy moves me.

In a healing session, either individually or in a group, Gong, Crystal Bowl and other instruments are used to create an enveloping soundscape into which you can release your worries and responsibilities and float in the sea of supportive sound.  The vibrations of the instruments resonate deeply within the body, both in the physical and energetic planes and can be powerful healers in their own right.  When I play for you, I become an instrument of the healing too – I go where the flow of vibrations takes me, creating a unique sound experience that is yours alone and offered with pure intent for healing and your highest good.

A standard individual session with me can last 90 minutes, but can be adjusted depending on your needs and time constraints. An 90 minute session is usually £50, but I am willing to discuss this on a case by case basis and will accept barters.  Group Sound Sanctuary session prices vary depending on requirements and distance.

Please get in touch if you would like to book a session for your group or for yourself.