Creating Connection and Community thrwp-1456765504236.jpgough shared Sound and Silence

I created this workshop in response to the desire in me to share music as medicine and sound as a bridge – joining people in a safe space where they can relax and let go, just for a little while.

The morning will be spent using our voices and drums to begin healing ourselves.

We will work with our own energy to become able to sit in our awareness and understand what it feels like to be grounded and centred in our bodies.  We will use our voices to send healing vibrations into our bodies and into the environment. After a short break we will drum to wake up our bodies and send loving connected energy to the planet and it’s beings.

The afternoon will be spent learning some chants and songs that we can use in our daily lives and share with others.

The day will draw to a close with a relaxing sound bath using gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls and other instruments to create a soundscape into which you can soften and release any tension or worry.

LUNCH – This will be a bring and share vegetarian lunch – Please bring a dish to share with the group.  If you have any particular dietary needs, please let me know when you book.