Spiritual Companionship


 SClogoBigcopySpiritual Companions – A benevolent presence deeply connected to the wonder and energy of all  life.

Completing the Spiritual Companions certification process has brought my spirituality into focus, along with my approach to life and demonstrates my commitment to my spiritual practice and to being a compassionate and benevolent presence in the world.  I hold the Certificate of Professional Practice in Spiritual Studies and Companionship, which is a professional vocational qualification that sits within the qualifications frameworks of the UK and Europe and is accredited by the National College of Teachers, allowing me to Companion others in a formal setting.


– I am a Benevolent Presence who Hears Your Story
I will reassure and support you through careful listening, enquiry and responses, seeking fully to understand your personal story and circumstances.

– I May Remind You that Life is a Spiritual Journey
When appropriate, I may have a conversation with you exploring that, whatever your circumstances, you are on a life-long journey of spiritual and personal development, developing your heart and consciousness.

– And I May Help You Develop Your Spiritual Practice
When appropriate, I may help you explore the skills, practices and
understandings that will support you in self-managing your spiritual and personal journey with mature autonomy.