Training and Personal Development


Gong Master Practitioner – Sarah Gregg
Sound Healing Practitioner – The College of Sound Healing – Ongoing
Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother and Baby – Association of Breastfeeding Mothers – Ongoing
Diploma in Flower Essence Studies – Mandela Complementary Studies – Ongoing
ICNHA – Ongoing

Study Days
British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association Gathering – (3 days)
Spiritual Companions Development – Group Facilitation – William Bloom
Oracle of the Antlered Road – Samantha Marks and Suzi Edwards
Doula UK Annual Retreat – (4 Days)
Spiritual Companions Development – Spiritual Emergence and Emergency
Glastonbury Goddess Conference
Reiki Master Teacher/Shinpiden – Sarah Gregg
Certificate of Professional Practice in Spiritual Studies and Companionship – Spiritual Companions Trust/The College of Teachers

Study Days
Reiki Kotodama – Sarah Gregg
Toning Immersion – Sarah Gregg
Sacred Sound and Light Immersion (2 days) – Sarah Gregg
British Flower and Vibrational Essences Annual Gathering – (3 days)
The First Relationship – Adela Stockton
Supporting Every Birth – Michelle Every
Closing the Bones – Maddie McMahon and Sophie Messager

Redfox Retreat – Unravel Your Story
Reiki Drum Practitioner – Sarah Gregg
Reiki Master – Sarah Gregg
Spiritual Companions Certificate – Spiritual Companions Trust
Teaching and Leading Meditation – William Bloom

Study Days
Passing Over (Facilitating transfer of Consciousness) – William Bloom
Techniques to Resolve Malposition – Selina Wallis
Birthlight Conference
Heartsongs – Intuitive Healing and Song – Kay Gillard
Postnatal Depression Study Day – J Stratford – Postnatal Depression Cambridge UK
The Art of Henna – Catharine Hinton
Herbs for the Postnatal Period – Natasha Richardson
The Belly Drum and The Blood Road – Carolyn Hillyer
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Conference
Head, neck and shoulder massage study day – Stephanie’s Therapies
Birth Art Exploration – Jay Stratford
Spiritual Companions Exploration Day – Mangreen Trust

The Power of Modern Spirituality – William Bloom
Babywearing Peer Supporter – The School of Babywearing
Adult and Paediatric Basic Life Support – Resuscitation Services

Study Days
Breastfeeding Case Studies – Maddie McMahon
Closing the Bones – Postnatal Hip Care – Rocio Alarcon
Rebozos – Stacia Smales Hill
Heartsongs – Intuitive Healing and Song – Kay Gillard

Doula Preparation Course – Developing Doulas
Working With Plant Spirits – Debbie Adamson and Ronnie Williams (MCS affiliated)
Essence Making – Debbie Adamson and Ronnie Williams (MCS affiliated)

Study Days
Tongue Tie – Maddie McMahon
The Third Stage/Lotus Birth – Amanda Dixon
Lotions and Potions – Suzanne Howlett
Babywearing Peer Supporter – Sophie Messager – Born to Carry
Supporting Hypnobirthing – Victoria Keenan

Strong and Clear: Holistic Leadership, Group Dynamics and Speaking Your Truth – William Bloom

The Endorphin Effect: Mind-Body Health and Wellbeing – William Bloom
Essence Practical Day – Mandela Complementary Studies

Three Golden Keys to Spiritual Fulfilment – William Bloom

Reiki II/Okuden Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki – Reiki Touch

Reiki I/Shoden Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki – Reiki Touch

Music and Popular Music – BA (Hons.) – University of Liverpool

Ongoing Private Study
I am always reading and learning new strategies and skills:
Sound Healing
Bach Flower Essences
Chalice Well Essences
Moonflower Essences
Wild Earth Animal Essences
Alaskan Vibrational Essences
Crystals and their use in an everyday and healing environment