Virtual Companionship


For many of us the days of tribal and small village life are in the past, families are spread over the globe and we don’t know our neighbours.  In an age of magnificent technology that has the potential to link us together, more than ever it has become easy to feel disconnected, isolated and alone.  This need not be the case though.  Recently I have begun some fantastic and valuable work with women overseas, friends of friends on social networks who have been connected to me through the wonderful web woven online.

They suggested to me that I offer this service as part of my work as a doula and Journey Companion.  A Virtual Companionship service, over Skype, Google+ or via e-mail.   So here I am.  I can be your virtual doula, an online companion –  there to sit with you, in silence if necessary, so that you are not alone.

As a doula I can offer support as you consolidate your birth preferences, learn to tie a stretchy wrap, or get breastfeeding tips.

I can offer you emotional support, information and help you to connect with other organisations, all from the comfort and familiarity of your office or couch.  Please contact me if you are interested in accessing this service.